What To Do If You Get Sick (and how to avoid it)

Getting sick obviously sucks. Months of gains disappearing in a matter of days. I don't get sick too often. The last time it was food poisoning, which was beyond my control.

Bench Press Progress Stuck or Slow? Put An End To That NOW

Powerlifter Benching 315lbs

If you've hit a bench press plateau or progress has slowed down, here's a few things that could be the cause of and solution for it.

Power Foods | Crispy Honey Garlic Chicken Wings

I'm always looking for a bulking-on-a-budget recipe that tastes like it was ordered from a restaurant. This is a recent addition to my recipe arsenal on the road to getting huge. Perfect crispy-skin chicken wings with an addictive 5-star honey garlic sauce.

4 Training Tips for Powerlifting Alone

4 Training Tips for Powerlifting Alone

If you can train with someone else or a group of powerlifters, go for it. There's many benefits of having training partners and it's more fun. Some of my best years of training happened when I was training in a powerlifting garage gym. But circumstances change. Here are a few things I've learned along the way that helped improve training alone.

A Powerlifter Diet Plan For Bulking

I'm back into bulking mode after being in maintenance mode this winter. My new bulking meal plan is based on this bulking diet with slightly fewer carbs. My goal is to add muscle mass with a bit of fat while adding in healthier food choices.

Vegan Powerlifter Meals: Breakfast

Vegan Powerlifter Meal

I eat a vegan or vegetarian powerlifter diet broken up into a few meals throughout the week to take a break from the saturated fat and LDL cholesterol content of eating whole dairy products and meat. I know there's many other ways to reduce the intake, but this is the way that I do it...

Power Foods | Baked Chicken with Crispy Skin

Baked Chicken with Crispy Skin

Full of flavour, cheap and easy to make, this dark meat chicken recipe can fit perfectly into a powerlifter, strength athlete or bulking meal plan.