The 20,000 Calorie Strongman Diet

This is a cool video featuring American Strongman Robert Oberst. It goes through what a typical day is like for him focusing on the food, diet and that grocery bill!

Power Foods | Pork Bone Soup with Pork Ribs

A slight variation of the Korean dish Gamjatang or Pork Bone Soup. Packed with fall off the bone pork rib meat and a spicy savoury broth for some white rice to soak up. This is one of my favourite post training meals.

How I Stay Healthy After Gaining Weight

Packing on a lot of mass after many bulking cycles, may leave you concerned about your health. I've grown from 140lbs to 265lbs over 12 years. Once in awhile I get asked valid questions like "How do I avoid a heart attack with all the new bulk?" or "I'm afraid of getting diabetes which prevents me from growing more." The answer to these type of questions is not a secret and is probably obvious, but this is how I stay healthy after gaining a lot of weight (getting fatter).