3 Tips To Get Bigger This Winter


Looking for more "Get Big" tips? I've got some here I haven't seen posted in other articles around the internets. Hope you find them useful!

1. Stock up on red meat during holiday sales.

What gets you huge? Red meat. Grocery stores always compete against each other to get you into their store. During the holidays, you'll see prices on prime cuts of beef lowered significantly on the front pages of their flyers. Check them all out and compare. Throughout the year I'm making do with cheaper cuts of beef to fit into my budget but not during this time of year. Better tasting food means I'll be eating more of it (and getting bigger and stronger in the process). Which leads us into...

2. Learn new recipes.

So now you have all this beef for a few weeks or months but you're getting sick of grilled steak, roast beef, or the cheaper cuts of beef keep coming out too tough (first world problems). Learn some new recipes or cooking techniques through YouTube or an internet search. I'm adding about one new dish a month to my "get big" arsenal. I get that eating stuff like plain chicken breast or canned tuna on white rice gets results, but life is too short to not enjoy what you're eating. If your food tastes good, you'll be motivated to eat more too.

3. Carry hand sanitizer.

"Why? It has good nitric-protein-oxide in it to mix in your shakes for mega-pumps?" NO. Do not do that. This tip might not apply to everyone, but if you live in a big city and take the subway everywhere, chances are you're coming into contact with a lot of stuff that can get you sick. And if your immune system isn't at 100%, say after a heavy squat training day, that increases your chances more. Getting sick could mean having to miss training days or losing a lot of gains and/or strength. At the very least wash your hands.

Do you have some other "get big" tips that work for you or you're trying out? I'd love to hear them. Let me know in the comments!

*Update* And it begins...

Words by Dan Profane

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Anonymous said...

You've got your point with the taste thing, but white meat sounds healthier to me.

would love to have a "get big healthily" article from you as well, dan ;)

Dan said...

Yeah I mix it up with some chicken quite often but that's always inexpensive regardless of season. Always got good stock of of that in the freezer.

I could do an article on how I've made some small changes to eat healthier but it's far from what is defined as healthy today ;). I wouldn't do an article on something I have no experience on or practice myself.

I go for regular doctor check ups and everything is good. I attribute that to doing cardiovascular exercise every day on top of weight training. Walking 30-60 minutes or more is all I do.

Have a good one!

Anonymous said...


I am a vegetarian, I wonder if there are ways in gaining weight through eating eggs and milk?