3/5/1 Bench Press : 351 Week : Cycle 3 Ends

Big D Bench Day Aftermath

Tried something far outside of my comfort zone to end off cycle 3 . Don't want my body to get used to too much routine.

Bench Press
225 x 5
250 x 3
280 x 7 (Last Cycle: 270x7)
Singles: 315 3x1 (Last Cycle: 300 3x1)

After that I did some high volume close grip bench with really short rest times (for me). My arms and chest were destroyed after but got a wicked bodybuilder pump ha!

Close Grip Bench 
135 10x10
90 second rest for sets 1-7
150 second rest set 8-10

I'll try this again sometime and try to only rest 90 seconds the whole way. It was tough the last 3 sets.

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