3/5/1 Overhead Press : 3 5 1 Week : Cycle 3

Powerbuilder Shoulder Pumps

Smashed some more personal records. Getting more use to training with more reps with the heavy singles at the end. Feeling stronger too. Use to struggle with plate raises. Last time I did them before today was back in the summer.
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Overhead Press
115 x 5
130 x 3
145 x 11 (Last Cycle: 130x12)
Singles: 175 3x1 -wrist wraps (Last Cycle: 135 3x1)

45 Plate Front Raise
2x10, 2x12

Rear Delt Raises
10lbs 4x10


Anonymous said...

Looking great as usual!
and you owe us a video haha

Anonymous said...

Do you have a facebook account/ page to promote your powerlifting?

Dan said...

I don't have a Facebook account for my powerlifting at the moment. But I probably will in the future when I'm not as busy to be able to update it regularly. For now I'm on here and on my YouTube channel