My Diet


I eat pretty close to how I have the bulking diet outlined in my 4 Steps To Get Big For Beginners article. It works for me. I eat very similar on training and non-training days. I also never calculate fat intake because I need it all otherwise I'd start losing weight and strength. I weigh 260lbs right now.

Here's a typical breakdown of my meals:

Pre-Training Meal
60 Grams Protein
100 Grams Carbohydrates
powerlifter cooking

I usually eat some of the following before training prepared in various ways:
Cottage Cheese
Protein Powder (if I have no time or don't feel like getting my breakfast chef on)

Post-Training Shake
70 grams protein in powder form
100 grams carbohydrates from maltodextrin

Post-Training Meal
60-70 grams of protein
100-120 grams of carbohydrates

I'll eat another meal like the post-training one a few hours after. I eyeball measure all the portions. After a few years of actually measuring foods, you can pretty much do it by eye.

I also have dessert after most meals and snacks inbetween meals like cookies, cake or whatever looks good at the store that week.

A lot of you guys voted "yes" to my recent poll to see my get big power meals and recipes. So I've added a new Power Foods section! The first post was really fun to do. Check it out here.


flex10 said...

Hey Dan:

Thanks for all of the great bulking tips, I am currently 5ft6 and only weigh 151 pounds. I am definitely trying to bulk up, would like to build a great chest and shoulders like yours, also am not opposed to building a "powergut" like yours either, I think the beefy muscled look is a great look and you definitely have mastered that. Any bulking techniques or more info about what you eat on a reg basis would be great, especially would like to know more info about building a power gut like yours as well. Hope that you can help.
Thanks for your vids and info they are all great.

Dan said...

Hey flex10, you're welcome. I remember weighing 150 lbs. I was force feeding a lot when I was below 200 lbs. That helped add on mass quickly with weight training.

For the powergut I didn't do anything specific to get that. I just ate a lot and lifted heavy. I was never concerned with eating clean or looking shredded which contributed to it. I'll be updating the Power Foods section with more foods and meals I eat regularly hopefully it can help out.

Let me know if you have any other questions!