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What To Do If You Get Sick (and how to avoid it)

Getting sick obviously sucks. Months of gains disappearing in a matter of days. I don't get sick too often. The last time it was food ...

3/5/1 Overhead Press : 3 5 1 Week : Cycle 4


Second training day after a cold. Lifts are stronger than before. I forced myself to eat like I wasn't sick during the week off instead of wasting away eating soup and crackers. It's paid off. Here's the numbers:

Overhead Press
65 x 5
80 x 5
100 x 3
120 x 5
140 x 3 -wrist wraps
155 x 10 -wrist wraps (Last Cycle: 145x11)
Singles: 185 3x1 -wrist wraps -belt (Last Cycle: 175 3x1)

Barbell Rows
135 2x10, 185 3x10

Landmine Rows
50 4x10


Post training meal. 1 package of Filipino Tocino, rice and mushroom soup. Glass of juice and cookies for dessert (not pictured).

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