5lbs. Gain : 3/5/1 Bench : 5's Week Cycle 4

Big D Powerlifter

5lbs gain on the bench and one more rep than last cycle. Steady progress. Had a crazy tricep and chest pump after training so snapped some powerbuilder pics.

Bench Press
195 x 5
225 x 5
255 x 11 (Last Cycle: 250x10)

Close Grip Bench
185 1x8, 4x6, 1x8

Big D Powerlifter


Unknown said...

Love to see someone making progress in real time very inspiring. I've had such a hard time remaining consistent in my training, but now I'm starting to see results myself and it's really changing my life. I hope to connect to other people like you online who are willing to share their progress and linking to their blogs. I think it could be very helpful to friends of mine who want to take control of their body.

Dan said...

Hey Malcolm, flattered and happy to hear my blog is inspiring to you. Consistency is definitely a big factor that many miss so keep at it man!