Updated : Progress Photos Section

Added 7 pics to the photos section. Found one from 2009 when I weighed about 230-235lbs too. Stay tuned for more 'before' shots. If you want more of my help to get you bigger beyond my articles, q&a, and videos, I'm now available for online training for a more individualized approach. More info here.

Powerlifter Before Pic
Big Powerlifter


Unknown said...

I think you have to use quotes for the before shots. You look just fine before, but of course the improvements are inspiring. I've taken a few before shots, but I never seem to get to after. I'm hoping that changes now I'm being consistant. I make going to the gym a priority to the point where it's annoying the people around me. I'm like yes going to the gym is that important to me. It's great seeing your progress thanks for sharing.

Dan said...

Haha, yeah, I got single quotes in there. I'm looking for pics from before I passed 200lbs. still for some better "before" shots. You probably know this already but if you talk to a lot of lifters, you'll learn that a large majority have had to make different sacrifices to make gains. For myself it would be skipping out on social things because it would hinder training. It's all about balance too.