Before & After Pictures : 2001 - 2013

Powerlifter Bulking Progress

Found a pic of myself at 19 looking slim at 140lbs. Bulking for 12+ years!


Unknown said...

This is awesome. I'm just getting in the habit of consistently working out and it's amazing just how much it has changed my life. My physical transformation isn't as dramatic as yours, but it's fascinating to see how it's affected so many areas in my life. Our outward appearance changes the way people interact with us, which in turn changes our perception of ourself, and ultimately it crates a positive feedback loop. It's very encouraging to see what it's done for you.

Big D said...

Hey Malcolm thanks for your insight.
It's similar to how I view things too. When you start accomplishing goals no matter how small they are (in any area of life), it builds your self-esteem which other people will pick up on and gravitate towards.