For Big Mass: Upright Row / Barbell Raise Cheat - Video

Bulking Up Huge for Powerbuilding and Bodybuilding

This is one of my favourite finishers that I'm adding back into the mix.

I find it most effective as the last big shoulder exercise on shoulder day after you've done your compound lifts (military press etc.) or as an accessory movement on overhead press day if you're doing the 5/3/1 training program. It hits your front and side delts and traps and leaves you with a nice pump (cue powerlifters cringing at "pump").

  1. Set your feet about shoulder width apart and grab the bar at about shoulder width too.
  2. Pull the bar up trying to keep it close to your body.
  3. At about half-way up your torso raise the bar towards your face like you're doing a reverse barbell curl. (see video above for demo)
  4. Lower the bar under control, resisting the weight.

Tip: You can swing the bar in a controlled fashion but minimize it. Your shoulders should still be under tension the whole set.

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