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5/3/1 for Powerlifting (3/5/1) Progress Update : Cycle 6 : 5's Week

Squat, overhead press, deadlift and bench press training days from April 8 - 15. Check out the videos.

Squat Day

165 x 5
205 x 5
250 x 3

Work Sets
270 x 5
310 x 5
350 x 5 (Last Cycle: 345 x 14)

Assistance Work

Stiff Leg Deadlifts
95 1x15
135 3x15

Overhead Press Day

75 x 5
90 x 5
110 x 3

Work Sets
120 x 5
135 x 5
155 x 5 (Last Cycle: 150x10)

Assistance Work

Barbell Rows
95 2x10
135 2x10
185 2x10
205 2x10

One Arm Blue Band Pulls

Deadlift Day

170 x 5
215 x 5
255 x 3

Work Sets
280 x 5
320 x 5
365 x 5 (Last Cycle: n/a)

Bench Press Day

135 x 5
160 x 5
190 x 3

Work Sets
205 x 5
240 x 5
270 x 5 (Last Cycle: 265x5)

Assistance Work

Close Grip Bench
135 4x10 (half-reps or no lockout) The reason I did these is for a little change. By only doing half reps and not locking it out, it keeps more tension on the triceps. Give them a try.
135 1x15 (full reps locked out)

I only went for the prescribed reps (5) for this week because I'm feeling overtrained and stressed out. I need the week to recover. You'll see in some of the videos where weights I could blast through in previous weeks are moving a lot slower this week. I still hit a new bench weight and reps so I'm happy with that.

If you want more details about the 5/3/1 For Powerlifting (3/5/1) program and how to do it for yourself, buy the book by the program creator Jim Wendler here. It also comes in Kindle Edition now. It's worth every penny. I'm getting stronger every week and cycle.

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