For Big Mass: My Favourite Back Thickness Exercises - Video

Big Thick Back Muscles

These are my main back exercises over the past few months to pack on thick muscle mass. I never directly train traps with shrugs but they get thicker with the heavy rack deadlifts or regular deadlifts.

What are your top back mass builders? Let me know in the comments below.

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If you liked the music in the Back Thickness video, it's a tune by me titled "Illegal". You can buy the mp3 here.

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Anonymous said...

I have recently been using cambered bar rows with a deadstop on each rep. Feels awesome, always get great rhomboid activation and my whole back is sore the next day. I am also a fan of high rep DB rows.


Dan said...

Sounds good Bryce. Gonna try out those cambered bar rows next time I'm near one.