The Internet Is Robbing You Of Gains

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Information overload. The internet is a blessing and a curse. You have instant access to more information than ever before but how do you know what info is good or just a waste of time? And how do you keep from getting buried by all the good info?

One of the main ways to tell if the info on a website you're reading for powerlifting, bodybuilding, fitness or whatever you're into is good or not, is the author's accomplishments.

Does the author practice what they preach? What have they accomplished in the past? What have their students or trainees accomplished? For example: You probably wouldn't want to get tips on how to get ripped, 6-pack abs from someone who has a big ol' powergut. It would be more helpful to find the person who started out about where you are now and then was successful in transforming themselves or others.

But it happens! There's an abundance of posts on forums, YouTube or other social media comments, and articles on websites with anonymous writers giving out advice that isn't backed by results. Of course there are exceptions, but you'd waste less time and have a higher success rate going with someone who can prove they've been there already.

So now that you know how to weed out what information to skip over, it still leaves you with a ton of information from a lot of different credible sources. At this point, it's pretty simple. Don't over think things. Pick a program, routine or tip and try it out! It's the only for sure way to know if something works FOR YOU. Wasting more hours on the computer reading about it won't do you any good. Real world application is where the real learning happens. For example: A surgeon is a lot better at their job after they have performed a few actual surgeries, versus when they were a student who had only read about the procedures. Another example would be learning to squat. You can read as much as you want about the technique, but you won't actually figure it out completely until you get up from your chair and try it.

Keep this article in the back of your mind whenever you come across new info on the internet. And make sure to try out new things to see if they work for you instead of spending hours (or even days in some cases) on the computer trying to predict if it will work when you could be making some gains instead.

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Malcolm Travers said...

Nothing beats personal experience. It's good when we find someone who's expertise we trust, but you are two different people and what works for him might not work for you. Sometimes we just have to Jump in, splash around a bit, then find out what we're doing. It can be scary, but that's why you read the articles, to bolster your confidence in what you're already doing.

Damo said...

Without doubt nothing beats personal experience and advice from someone who has gone through the same training to reach their goals is more encouraging and credible and nothing replaces practical experience and for ourselves to actual jump in and from the advice given experiment with the advice to determine what works for you. Love your site not blowing smoke up your ass but genuinely love the straight talking facts on exercise techniques, supplements, diets and your tasty recipes. Keep up the good work Cheers, D

Michael Marcus said...

Hi Dan,
Very well done Blog on Powerlifting. Well-writen and illustrated too.
I'm 66; been training most of my adult life but not Powerlifting. Just weight training with breaks of up to year maybe every 3 or 4 years.
Always been curious about Powerlifting and will give it a try. I understand that joints can be more fragile and susceptible to injuries at my age.
But I don't see anyone or yourself mentioning wearing a belt or wraps.
What are your comments on that?
Thanks big guy,

Dan Profane said...

@Michael Marcus wearing a belt or wraps is different for each person. For me I wear a belt or wrist wraps when the weight is near 85% or so of my max to allow me to handle more weight safely. If you're just starting out, I wouldn't wear anything because it will help build up that strength that the belt/wraps would otherwise be assisting with. Hope that gives some insight.

Michael Marcus said...

Yes Dan that helps a lot and thanks.
In fact all of what you suggests helps and I follow it almost to the letter. I'm 66 so I'm careful and know that my gains will be limited when compared to a 33 year old!
I'm also following the diets you suggest and making the Scott Paper Company very wealthy in the meantime!! Ha ah...
But so far so good and I'm happy...