My Top 4 Dietary Supplements for Muscle and Weight Gain

Dietary Supplement

There are supplements you can end up wasting your money and time on but these four won't as long as you have your bulking diet on point.

Multi-Vitamins - Sure you can reach the recommended dosage (for the average joe) with solid foods but weight training and weight gaining puts more stress on your body. This increases its need for vitamins (and nutrients) to recover and progress from training. This is where a multi-vitamin comes in play. One tip to get more for your money is to go for multi-vitamins advertised for older or 'silver' people. They usually contain more per mg or iu for the same price as regular.

Protein Powder - Muscles need protein to recover and grow after all that hard work and time you put in at the gym. And just like with vitamins, yeah you could reach your protein requirements for the day if your goals did not include getting as huge and strong as possible. But that's not you. It takes a lot of time that you might not have to cook and eat enough solid food meals a day to reach daily protein requirements for big muscle and strength gains. Having protein powder in your arsenal will make sure you get enough protein each day. (Read this if you're not sure how much protein to eat a day).

Maltodextrin / Waxy Maize - These are a good "slow digesting" carbohydrate that are a main ingredient in weight gainer powders along with a whey protein powder. Combined, it is best used right after training or when you can't get a solid meal in for a few hours. More info here on combining the 2 powders and creating your own custom weight gainer powder or post workout shake.

Creatine - This is probably the most lab tested sport supplement out there today. A large majority of those tests come to the conclusion that it does work to increase strength. Increased strength could mean muscle growth if you're training with heavier weights or hitting more reps. I've had good results using it everytime. Check out the Does Creatine Work post for more info.

Words by Dan Profane

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Joel said...

Hey Dan, great article. I'm only taking vitamins and powder in addition to pigging out on carbs and protein. I found something interesting though while working out. I'm only 19, but after breaking my arms a couple of times during my childhood, I've developed arthritis in my wrists. It has been especially painful while I was getting into the lifting thing again (I started in Feb this year), but now I notice during the day, my wrists are getting less irritated than even before I started working out. Even though it still hurts like hell if I screw up my form, on average, I am feeling considerably less pain. Just another plus to working out I guess!

-Joel (DrParmesan on YT)

Dan said...

Oh wow. That's gotta be a much welcomed side effect of training for sure! I did a quick google search to learn more about it and I found a few articles on studies (like and they have positive results with reducing pain with certain types of arthritis too. I didn't know about that possiblilty before. Nice! Have a good one Joel and keep at it.

Anonymous said...

What are the weight loss and muscle building supplements or drinks or pills to take that really work?!? Please help!.

Anonymous said...

Recently found your site and find it a great source of info for getting bigger and more massive. Question on the multivitamins--when should you take them? Throughout the day, in the morning, evening?

Dan said...

Hey DW,
I take my multivitamin with my post workout meal on training days because that's the time when your body needs it the most to start the recovery/growing process. On none training days, I take it whenever I can. Usually around mid-day. Hope that helps you out. Dan.