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5/3/1 For Powerlifting Results x Changing Programs

After 6 cycles on 5/3/1 for Powerlifting, I've definitely gained strength and muscle mass. This was my third time running 5/3/1 since 2009 but my first time doing the Powerlifting version with the added heavy singles. I gained strength faster this time around but that has more to do with training smarter. Here's the numbers for this showing:

*Numbers from the last set for reps and singles from the 3/5/1 week. Numbers in blue link to the video.

Cycle 1

335 x 7
Singles: 375 3x1

260 x 7
Singles: 285 3x1


Overhead Press
110 x 13
Singles: 125 3x1


390 x 10
Singles: 455 3x1

285 x 8
Singles: 325 3x1


Overhead Press
170 x 8
Singles: 185 3x1

Deadlift is n/a because I was doing a rotating max effort deadlift variation instead for a few reasons like not knowing how the higher reps banging on the ground would transfer to my neighbours and I was still making gains with max effort work.

Cycle 1 started August 15 2012 and ended Cycle 6 on April 30 2013. Most of the 'Bests' happened during cycle 4 & 5.

Cycle 5 - 6 I ran into some illnesses. I was also getting bored so that's why I'm changing back to the Westside Barbell method. I'll be back again to 5/3/1 in a few months or years.

I gave this program a good run over 8.5 months with good results and I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to get stronger to try it out!

5/3/1 For Powerlifting by Jim Wendler

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