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What To Do If You Get Sick (and how to avoid it)

Getting sick obviously sucks. Months of gains disappearing in a matter of days. I don't get sick too often. The last time it was food ...

A Camparison Video After A Year Of Training

A modest comparison after a year back training (April 30 2012 - April 30 2013). First few months I was doing a progressive overload program and then switched to 5/3/1 for Powerlifting in August 2012. That was my third time doing 5/3/1 since 2009, each time with good strength and muscle gains. I've gotten as heavy as 264lbs. over the past year but a week before April 30th I came down with bronchitis and lost a bit of weight due to my fast metabolism and not eating as big as I need to to maintain body weight.

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