3 Ways to Get The Best Food for Big Gains and Good Health

Our bodies need more nutrition than protein and carbohydrates for overall good health and big muscle and strength gains. We get those extra nutrients and vitamins through the food we eat and multivitamins we take. But all food isn't grown or processed the same. This leaves us with food that doesn't reach its full potential nutritionally.

In this article, I'll go over 3 ways to get the best, nutrient-packed food for your grocery dollar.

1. Buy frozen or canned vegetables or fruits instead of fresh versions.

Vegetables and fruits that are sold frozen or canned are picked when they're perfectly ripe and then frozen or canned right away to preserve them. A lot of produce that's sold fresh is picked or harvested well before ripening so it ripens during transport or while it sits on the shelf. This greatly reduces the amount of nutrients and flavour it can develop. This is why you'll hear professional chefs recommend canned tomatoes or see a premium price on vine or tree ripened fresh produce. Also for canned fruits, I'm not talking about the ones packed in syrup, go for the frozen bag of berries.

2. Buy local produce or shop at farmers markets.

When you buy local, there's a better chance that the produce was picked closer to ripening than something from the next country, province or state over. And when it comes to farmers markets, most vendors have hand picked their produce that same morning or within a day or two. Smaller vendors are usually best. Feel free to ask them when their produce was picked.

3. Grow your own produce.

This is the best way. It may take more time and money, but this is about getting the best food. If you enrich and build the soil organically with nutrients, beneficial fungi etc., you'll end up with food better than money can buy from a store.

Organic produce has gotten really big now which is a good thing, but it's still a business. A lot of the companies and even farmer's market vendors only do the minimum to meet that organic standard. This means that yes they don't use chemical fertilizers, insecticides or GMO seeds. But it doesn't mean that they always build their soil optimally so that the produce is nutrient-packed because this would cost the business more. And if the nutrients aren't in the soil, it's not going to be in the food.

There's some ways to test out the quality of produce like with a refractometer, but the best way is just by tasting it. The more bold, sweet or flavourful it is, the more nutrients. Not to brag, but the best arugula I've ever had was stuff I grew on my windowsill. It was a lot more peppery than stuff from the store which now tastes bland in comparison. If you want to learn more about growing, check out this YouTube channel Growing Your Greens. The channel's host, John Kohler, reminds me a lot of powerlifter Donnie Thompson in that they're both extremely enthusiastic and passionate with what they're doing in their videos.

Words by Dan Profane

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