4 Training Tips for Powerlifting Alone

4 Training Tips for Powerlifting Alone

If you can train with someone else or a group of powerlifters, go for it. There's many benefits of having training partners and it's more fun. Some of my best years of training happened when I was training in a powerlifting garage gym. But circumstances change. Here are a few things I've learned along the way that helped improve training alone.

1. Setup The Rack Safety Pins or Hang Some Chains

If you train close to your max, missing a lift might happen once in awhile. Training with a group, you're surrounded by good spotters. One less thing to think about.

But training alone, you might worry about missing a weight and not go as heavy or worse injure yourself or mess up the bar.

Self-doubt and negative thinking is a powerlifter's worst enemy.

To avoid that, setup the rack safety pins at a height where you can let the bar down safely if you were to fail. If you find the rack heights too restrictive or get in the way, grab some chains from the hardware store. 5/8" and 6 feet long or so per chain should do. Hold the chain together with a carabiner. To adjust the height, change the spot where the carabiner clips in. Here's a pic with how the chain should hang:

Squat Chains Setup

2. Nose Tork or Ammonia Capsules

For those days you need that extra pick-up and caffeine is not cutting it. Best used before a big lift or set or in the morning to replace your coffee.

3. Play Loud Music

Self-explanatory. Play anything that you enjoy or gets you hype. Get that adrenaline going. Scientifically proven.

4. Video Your Lifts

With training partners, you have a few set of eyes that can tell you what to fix or see what happened during a lift. When training alone you can almost get the same effect by reviewing the videos inbetween sets. If you need further critique on something, you can post the video online for others to look at too.

A video camera can't shout technique reminders at you when you're about to smash a PR though.

I'm laughing right now but I just had an idea where you could create an mp3 with technique or form reminders on it and play that during a lift. Hey if it works, it works.

Words by Dan Profane

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