Bench Press Progress Stuck or Slow? Put An End To That NOW

Powerlifter Benching 315lbs

If you've hit a bench press plateau or progress has slowed down, here's a few things that could be the cause of and solution for it.

And if you're putting on 5lbs. or more on your bench every 2 months or so, you're not at a plateau. But some of these tips may help you progress faster.

First things first.

Form and Technique

Sometimes technique needs to be tightened up to get the maximum amount of strength pushing through you to the bar. I wrote a detailed article about that here.

So form and technique looks good...

Where in the lift are you weakest or fail at?

If it's at lockout.

Tricep strength needs to be brought up more.
Add in tricep exercises like heavy rack lockouts (check back for a video demo), close-grip presses, basically any tricep movement where you can handle the most weight. So that means NO tricep kickbacks. Leave that for later to get that horseshoe. Ha!

If it's off the chest or near the lower half of the lift.

Either the weight is too heavy or you can benefit from heavy back and lat work. The lats play a part in pushing the bar off your chest and past your sticking point. Hold your arms in front of you like you're air benching and flex your lats. That movement of your arms is what we're looking for. Heavy bent over barbell and dumbbell rows will help bring up your back and lat strength.

Words by Dan Profane

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Joel Buchanan said...

Hey, Dan, I've been following your blog for the past year as I've been getting serious about lifting. I was sick for the last four weeks and didn't go the the gym at all. Now I'm WAY behind. I'm just as big, but not nearly as strong as I was prior to getting sick.

Do you have any tips for catching up?
Thanks man!

Dan said...

Getting sick sucks. Sorry to hear. Best way to catch up is start back as soon as you can with your routine before getting sick. The strength should come back faster than it did the first time around.