7 Squat Tips for Beginner Powerlifters

1. Set up safety pins or hang chains (more info). Mentally, that safety net allows you to go heavier. And of course, catch the bar in case of a missed lift.

2. During the squat, think about sitting back onto a chair rather than down and up. This movement shares the weight with your hamstrings, glutes and the whole posterior chain, allowing you to lift more weight and safer. Also puts less stress on your knees.

3. When you're standing with the bar, look at a spot slightly above in front of you and continue looking at the spot while you squat. This keeps your head and chest up and solidified in the optimal position to move the most weight.

4. If you use a belt to squat, push your belly into it by breathing into your gut and hold it there for the walk-out and the squat. You should feel the belt tighten up more and subsequently your whole core making it rock solid vs. loose and shaky. You'll feel more confident walking out and squatting more weight.

5. Squat in flat shoes like skateboarding shoes or Chuck Taylor's. Other athletic types of shoes may have structures built in them that force you into a less than optimal squatting position. The flat soles also have more ground contact keeping you more sturdy.

6. Practice. Practice. Practice and experiment. Get your form perfected. As you progress, you'll figure out what tweaks work better for you as well, like foot and hand placements.

7. Video record your lifts or train with more experienced lifters. It'll be easier to find Your weak points and work on them.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the tips. im currently doing SL 5x5 and am struggling doing 160 lbs squats.

will keep your tips in mind during my next squat session.