How To Get A Thick Powerlifter Neck

Growing up, most guys my age were training to look like Brad Pitt in Fight Club. I just wanted to get huge and strong as hell like an NFL offensive lineman with no neck.

As I bulked up, packed on more body mass and got stronger in the deadlift, my neck naturally started getting thicker. This was from holding heavier and heavier weights, which uses your upper back and traps to stabilize the weight.

You can speed up the process by adding in just two things to your existing training program:

1. Weighted Neck Harness
Get yourself a neck harness. Load it up with a weight that you can do 15-20 times for 4 sets. You can start out doing these twice a week with at least 2 days inbetween. You can do them at the end of your regular training days or on your days off. Here's a video of the neck harness in action.

2. Heavy Barbell or Dumbbell Shrugs
If you're not already doing shrugs, add these at the end of your back day. Go as heavy as you can, use wrist straps if you want. Pump out 6-10 reps for 4 sets. Squeeze hard at the top of the shrug.

Make sure your bulking diet is getting you enough calories to get massive too.

You're on your way to no neck city.