Online Trainer

A well planned and designed training and meal program are essential to reaching your goals. I am available online for both training and nutritional consultations.

Creating an effective and efficient training program is not a simple task. Even top level athletes and Olympians have their training written by coaches, who can be objective about their training needs. With a lot of different ways to train, I can take out the guess work and put you on the path to more muscle and bulk.

Most people have a basic understanding about the role food has in muscle and weight gain but many people fail in their attempts to design and manage their own programs due to the large amount of misinformation out in the media and poor understanding of nutrient timing. Understanding the three macro nutrient types (fats, proteins and carbohydrates) and the right foods to get these from is important, but it's only the beginning of an effective program that takes food timing and supplements into account.

I have a background in powerlifting and trained for three years with some of Canada's strongest powerlifters who've taught me good form and technique. I've also trained people offline who wanted to get big and bulky. Let me design an individualized program for you based on your schedule, training and your goals. I only take on a few clients at a time online and offline to ensure that you get the attention you deserve. An online 12 week training cycle (the minimum commitment) is $200. Email me at for availability and more information.

Get big!